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5 Things You Didn’t Know CBD Was Good For

If you haven’t delved into the world of CBD oils, you might not know what all the fuss is about. While everyone uses CBD for different reasons, some more common than others, there is a huge variety of things CBD can help with. When it comes to CBD use we think it’s something that should be personal and individual. What works for some may not work for others so it’s a good idea to approach CBD with an open mind and know that it might take you some trial and error to find what’s right for you.


We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourites, that people don’t usually even realise CBD could be good for! If you’re looking to get some CBD delivered right to your door, check out our range of CBD products online now!


Your Pets

Just like us, our pets can suffer from ill health and injury. CBD is a great way to try to help your pets while minimising side effects of other treatments. Some owners have also used CBD to assist in treating conditions like arthritis, to skin problems, anxiety, and even epilepsy in your pets. It’s safe to use as there is no psychological effect or risk from the CBD as it does not have the same effect as THC.


Counteracting The Effects Of THC:

THC can evoke feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and even psychosis for some, especially when used in excess. While many people think CBD and THC are one in the same, CBD is actually a great way to counteract the undesirable effects of THC abuse. CBD oil can help balance chemicals in the brain that THC may have disrupted. In some cases it has been said to have helped with memory impairment, something also associated as a side effect of THC. 


Working With Other Medicines:

Being naturally derived means CBD is often safe to take in conjunction with most medications. Of course it goes without saying that this is something you will need to check with your doctor or pharmacist first. CBD oil has been claimed to help alleviate pain, nausea, insomnia, and other common side effects.


Your Skin:

CBD has naturally anti-inflammatory properties. This, combined with antioxidants found in CBD too, it could actually be your new favourite skin care ingredient. From more specialised skin concerns like acne and eczema, CBD can alleviate symptoms and soreness in some people, with the anti inflammatory element reducing the appearance of redness. If your concerns lie more with anti aging or preventative skin care, CBD helps stabilise free radicals in the body, this could help to reduce signs of aging and stop the production of excess oil in the skin. 



CBD oil can work with the natural endocannabinoids produced by your brain. This not only helps stabilize things like your mood, sleeping pattern, memory, and appetite, but can help you feel better and happier more often! The CBD helps prevent the breakdown of your naturally produced endocannabinoids, helping you stay happy for longer.